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April 21st, 2017

Hello again.  Our first chart is below, showing that the Pictomoney concept has evolved for a long time.  Soon college students will earn credits to revise it and add features to our newsletter.   New Members join daily. Pictomoney was researched and developed since 1998.  Members are paid bimonthly.   This chart shows one membership.  You can have up to 8 memberships.  Scroll down.  Then go back to Home in the top right margin to sign up.  

  Pictomoney Commission Chart 09 01 2014 6  

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Think of it like this:  Pictomoney software is like a train.  The members sign up and their names and payment method become stops for the train single file, one by one.  Then imagine, twice per month, once the rates are calculated, the train runs along with the commissions onboard.  The Members are listed in order and it makes periodic stops to deliver the commissions to the Pictomoney Members either by direct deposit into a bank account or prepaid Visa, MasterCard, Credit Union or other card or they can opt to receive a check using regular mail.  

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Feel assured, I have a lot of experience.  I am Phila Vocia owner of Pictomoney, Inc.  I started in 1977 researching my first direct marketing company. 

Joining several I found them to be flawed.  Then in 1989 I envisioned UniBlu a newsletter and that was my first try at linear commission payment plans, it was more like a circle.  However the linear software was not available at that time and the paperwork was overwhelming to think about. 

Then in 1998 after a phone card direct selling company went out of business and left me hanging, I had thousands of dollars invested, so I opened Future Bright, Inc.   Since the dot com for that name was not available, someone else had it, I changed the name to Bright Dollars, Inc.  Though it was a great try, still the 2 by 2 matrix payment system was not working, you can’t fill the bottom line, so I did more research. 

Then in 2004, I tried again with a completely downloadable product: stationary, placemats, cards and children’s games.  That’s why I posted the Orgami Box under the Donations tab on the Homepage as another way to remember all of the planning and development.  Still the matrix wasn’t right.  

Now we have it right.  Single file, no selling, recruiting or buying necessary.  (Except you buy the Newsletter twice per month.)   Then finally in 2008 a linear matrix became available that would work.  I purchased it, registered the Pictomoney, Inc. name with the IRS and The State of New Jersey. 

Then I found an even better software and I purchased it in 2010.  Hence, I found the investment capital I needed to open and now, WE ARE READY for business.   Please contact me if you have questions or send an email.  The contact information is on the Home Page of this website! Sincerely,   Phila Vocia, President / CEO Pictomoney, Inc.    

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