Why pay $32.49?

June 11th, 2017

People ask, “Why do I have to pay $32.49?” 1.  We have to pay the Payroll Processor to set your name in the list to be paid by check or direct deposit and maintain reports. 2.  We have to pay the credit card companies when processing your debits. 3.  We have to pay bank fees. 4.  We have to pay postage to the Post Office. 5.  We have to pay printers to print the paper kits for people without a computer. You are buying a business, so be sure to take your tax deductions and with just that one work activity you have gotten your money back and more. If you put $32.49 in the bank in a savings account you will not earn $270.00 twice per month even in ten years at the current interest rate. If you get a job, many times they ask you to buy uniforms and clothing that cost more than $32.49 and sometimes the gas to get to that job is more than $32.49 per week. So join with us and grow your money to $270.00 twice per month and if you feel like it, start a second membership by getting a TAX ID at www.startbizhere.com now or later in the right margin or use your own TAX ID.  Then you will have $540.00 per month coming into your household twice per month from your first membership and you can decide if you want to earn more and activate one by one up to or all 8 memberships.

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