What About My Present Job?

June 11th, 2017

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Certainly keep your present job.  You can gradually add Pictomoney Memberships and increase your income.  Some people have benefits they want to keep and long time relationships with coworkers.  Pictomoney income is meant to provide the extra things you want or whatever, but don’t feel like you have to leave your job.


While you are doing that, see the information below that will help you keep cool and calm at work and may make work a better place for you.


Humor at Work is Fun!

Bring your sense of humor back to the workplace.

:D  There are many ways to share humor at work.  Don’t offend your coworkers and certainly don’t offend the boss.  Read a few from this link and then have a good time at work.



Manners at Work and More…
Hello how often we want to put our best foot forward.  Read over these manners.  You may already be doing them and you may learn some new ones.



Enjoy Working as an Extention of Self
It’s a beautiful day where ever you are!  Some have weekends and holidays off and some don’t.  Make the most of every day.  Enjoy working and don’t live wishing for your days off.  Give yourself some quality time for the things you like everyday.  Even if it’s just a favorite meal, a bath, a ball game, a concert or anything.
Do something nice each day!
All in a Day’s Work

All in a Day’s Work is a phrase that refers to , pertaining to, inclusive of or accepting of the activities that happen on the job.


MORE FUN… said lightly, problems are no fun but you can work it out.


Law Meets All
All over the world respectively you can be sure, Law Meets All.  Here is a link to some of the Department of Labor Laws in the USA.

Facing Discrimination? Free legal Advice

Today the workplace can be a wonderful place.  The relief of having a paycheck, a home away from home with work friends and a a pleasant feeling that you can buy the things you need.  What happens if unjustly someone tries to take your job away?  Get some legal advice.  The link above will help.

Every Job is Important!

No matter if you have the littlest job that no one wants, or an impressive, high paying salaried position, every job is important.  So show up neat and clean and ready to work.


The Work A Day World!

Such a nice cliche, the work a day world.  It doesn’t refer to working only one day, it means the collection of workers in the world, sort of an acceptance that work exists in the world.Stay busy!


The Remarkable Marketplace
:lol:   Wherever you go, whatever you do, the remarkable marketplace will inspire you!
Sensible Work, What Happened?
8)   It’s a beautiful day.  Enjoy it.  Let’s hear what you may be facing.  Bosses are watching the bottomline, yes the profits.  Don’t get fired by not doing your job.  Show up neat and clean and ready to work.  What if you do all that and still you get terminated?  That means it could have been something else that caused it.  Their budget, their politics, their friends or relatives, their nerve endings.  Yes, it might not BE YOU or your fault.  But you may have legal remedies and courses of action.  Check with your local free legal advice companies.  There are lawyers who specialize in employee/employer situations.

Wherever You Work, Enjoy Life!


Work Areas Vary, Job Duties Vary, Lifestyles Vary


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Yes, enjoy Pictomoney too, whatever you do!





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