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June 13th, 2017

$Pictomoney is easy!

We also have income Membership for International Citizens read on to find out about Direct Deposit.  International members can enjoy downloads from Amazon and Best Buy. See Purchase to Support Pictomoney.  

You can also translate the page into other languages by clicking on the translator flag in the right margin. Spanish translation of applications is available when you call in on the phone.   Also the website converts to Spanish and other languages. 

Traducción al español de las solicitudes está disponible cuando llame por teléfono. Además el sitio web se convierte en español y otros idiomas.  Haga clic en “llave en mano a continuación.

If you have a bank account we can direct deposit your commissions in to you checking account.   Also you can receive your commissions through  

If you live outside of the USA you can join by using a PayPal or a PayPal but check to see if they have your country listed at their website.  Or go to and use a credit card. 

Pick the item:  First Time

$32.49 Join Paypal

$32.49 Join Payza

If you pick subscription C. after you join we can deduct and pay you automatically once per month.

Right now INTERNATIONAL CITIZENS can earn income just by being a Member.  Use the Tax Deductions that are relevant for your country.    

Later we may be able to offer more affiliate products and services in your country or continent. 

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