F. Get a Tax ID

June 11th, 2017

Tax Ids are important documents, read carefully!

You can use a Tax ID that you already have or get one with Start Biz Here or ask your account to get one for you. 

Unless you already have a business with a Tax ID start with your social security number. 

To get a Tax ID costs a few hundred dollars and then you must file each year, a Tax return or be penalized with a fine. 

Later when your Pictomoney profits are big you can easily get a Tax ID and meet the requirements.

Get 1 to 4 memberships with your social security number and later get 1 to 4 or with a TAX ID or a combination of both.  

To get one or more Tax IDs you can use your own accountant or go to: http://www.startbizhere.com/  also Start Biz Here is in our Links Section in the right margin see TAX ID, Get yours or you can call them Start Biz Here 877-789-4373.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO start a business like painting, landscaping or a hair salon, or the type of business that you like etc., however, you will get the Tax ID number and the tax return will be simple and inexpensive for what they call a dormant company. 

That means no activity except for Pictomoney and for the little time invested in stetting up the TAX ID, you will earn and extra money in addition to your first membership per year.  However you can use this TAX ID and the income from Pictomoney in it to expand into a business like  painting, landscaping or a hair salon or the type of business that you like etc., or use the extra income in a business that you already have.  Give us a call with your questions.

Ready to earn EVEN MORE $$ CASH $$ ? GET A TAX ID NUMBER Call 877-789-4373 ask for Mike if you want to arrange a TAX ID by phone. Give Phila Vocia a call for more information 609-365-2444

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