Bank Account Safety

January 19th, 2016

Bank Account Safety

Get a Separate Bank Account for your direct deposit biweekly checks.   Any checking is fine because we are totally secure.  Call us or send an email for our Direct Deposit Banking Form see the Home Page for numbers and the emaill address.   But if you want to get a separate checking account, just open one with a minimum deposit and give us a call to get our Direct Deposit Banking form.


Get a $500. Credit limit, credit card or at least a separate one for your online purchases.


Get a Prepaid Credit Card if you don’t have a credit card for online purchases.  It’s quick.  Rite Aid and CVS and other big stores have Vanilla Credit Cards, Greendot Credit Cards or any brand that you find they are called Prepaid Visa or Master Cards.  Get one if you don’t have a credit card.   


Some cards don’t allow reoccurring payments.  If not we will work with you and take you payment once per month.


Also you will be able to use   to make your bimonthly payments online or you can mail in a check or money order and receive your commission payments through  or have the directly deposited in your bank account or have them mailed to you in a paper check.

Also see Bank ID Protection Life Lock in the right margin under Links.


Peace of mind is important.





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