Everything Above and Below is Optional except USA 2 Coupon Books, your Application & W9, International your Start Up Fee

June 13th, 2017

Pictomoney is easy! No Meetings, No Selling, No Buying are required, except for the Newsletter. Everything listed in this right margin is an optional activity except: You must complete an application and a W9 Form. You must include the Start Up Fee and then twice per month pay $17.50 for the Computer Access Fee, sometimes we call it the Membership Fee.  You must pay your Taxes after your earn $700.00 or more.  See Tax Deductions in the right margin. We will send your IRS 1099 Form to you at the end of the year for any income earned. Read about how your check grows every two weeks and the fees stay the same over in the right margin under: Why Pay $32.49? You can earn the maximum or the minimum, $540.00 per month, make it work with Government Benefits or earn the maximum, see the Homepage.  Start with the first membership and we will show you the way! It’s fail proof.  Download an Application or call us to have one mailed. Live Operators:  609-365-2444

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