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What is Pictomoney?  $Pictomoney is a POWER PAYLINE, single file, no levels.   It’s like a club.  No recruiting, no selling, no meetings, and no buying are required.  It’s all optional.  YOUR $PICTOMONEY TURNKEY BUSINESS HAS  DENTAL VISION AND MORE   Pay $32.49 and immediately receive hundreds in Tax Deductions and the next week…a check or direct deposit!    Then your income grows from there.  Also enjoy our recommendations at the website:  Home Warranties, Personalized Gifts, Dental, Vision, Vitamins, Travel and more!  


Our product is Our Monthly Newsletter sent by email or regular mail with a new monthly graphic no you don’t have to sell it or post it.  Each month it arrives with updates and information and a graphic that you can use on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, and Google etc. if you want to.

No computer?  We will mail you our services 800 numbers and your check too or take direct deposit.


Your work is like a desk job right in your own home.  It only takes an hour of your time per week.   You will receive two checks or two direct deposits per month.  You pick which payment method. Checks and direct deposits are paid on the 10th and 25th of the month.


All you do is make sure your dues are paid bi monthly and we will remind you. There are bi monthly membership fees that stay fixed of $17.50 twice per month and that makes the whole thing work, along with our computer that does the calculations and that of our payroll processor, a huge check writing company.  You share the profits from commission we earn from the affiliates when you buy from our affiliates which is also an option but not mandatory, from other products we sell and from any interest we earn as a group.  Your first check begins to grow on your start date.  On the average it takes only one month for your check to rise up over $20.00 twice per month.  It’s not that long and you are in profit plus you already received hundreds in Tax Deductions and valuable information at our website.  Then from there it keeps growing until it reaches $270.00 twice per month.  To earn more than that, start another membership.  You can have up to 4 memberships.  We say, W9 and I’m paying the line!!!  We call it a POWER PAYLINE!!!  Just so you know we are a thoroughly integrated company.  Everyone can achieve the same maximum checks per month.  You can have 4 memberships total, 4 memberships on your social security number or a combination with your Tax ID.  We are here today not gone tomorrow. 


One or two memberships’ earn monthly income of $6,480.00 or $1080.00 and will fit in with most government programs.





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No time to read?   If you would like to hear about Pictomoney Listen to our 5 minute recording for a quick overview of Pictomoney  

Dial 1-641-715-3460 Pin 904480#  Ref 2#  


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There is no computer necessary.  You can earn without a computer.  If you don't have a computer, after you join we will mail you a kit.  BUT FEEL FREE TO CLICK IN AND OUT OF ALL OF THE SECTIONS on the next page Click Turnkey TO SEE YOUR $PICTOMONEY BUSINESS!



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